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Description :
Guide to creating a custom Batch file for publishing all portal applications and processes.
Solution :
Because writing in the Command Prompt can sometimes be inconvenient, you can also write your own Batch file that automatically executes the republishing process for your portal. An example Batch file is attached to this article (ZIP); feel free to adjust and use this as needed.

The “publish_all_app_and_process.bat” executes both steps required (i.e. publishes applications and processes) one after the other. Make sure to right-click on the file and select “Run as administrator” when executing the file.

Of course, the attached Batch file needs to be adjusted to your system. The denoted points (s. 1.png) need to be adjusted to your system.

Points 1 and 2 must point to the Intrexx installation directory. Points 3 and 4 are identical in theory – the portal directory should be entered here. In our example, the portal is called “ou” and is in “ProgramData”. Intrexx is installed in “ProgramFiles”.
If your paths are different, the absolute path needs to be entered, e.g. “C:\intrexx8\myInstallation” and “C:\intrexx8\myPortal”.

Afterwards: Restart Intrexx services (Windows services / Linux services)
Once all applications, processes and layouts have been published, you should restart all Intrexx services. Normally, only the portal services are affected, however, we recommend restarting all Intrexx services at once. Depending on the adjustments made by the Online Update, web elements may also be affected, therefore, we recommended emptying your browser cache.
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