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Welcome to our Intrexx Help & Support Center

Here you can get a quick response to your questions or occasional technical problems. Just search our knowledge base for tips and tricks on Intrexx features, and for solutions to your issues. Do you have a support service contract? Then you can submit a ticket via our support center and make direct contact with us. Our support team will provide prompt and competent help with your problems.

Customers with valid Software Service Contracts (SSC) may use this platform to contact
our support team at United Planet.
Do you need help with an Intrexx feature, or perhaps a technical problem? A look at our knowledge base may provide the information you need. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and issues.
We are sorry to inform you, currently, the academy is only available in german.
In our one-day or two-day seminars, the Intrexx Academy provides you with a practically relevant demonstration of how your company’s processes and data can be organized optimally. You’ll be able to make a quick and competent start and then apply what you’ve learned in your own company at once.