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 IIS / Tomcat
1) IIS preparations
1.1) IIS installation
1.2) Additional modules for the IIS web server
1.3) ARR module configuration
2) IIS configuration
3) Intrexx configuration
3.1) Web connector
3.2) Frontend web server
3.3) HTTPS
Since the introduction of the Solr search server (Intrexx 8.0 or higher), it is not atypical for an Intrexx server to use up more resources than previous Intrexx versions. Equally, the functions and features of Intrexx have changed significantly. Whereas older, simpler portals could be all means be run with less than 1GB memory and a dual-core processor, the server requirements are considerably hi...
If Windows authentication now longer functions correctly as of Intrexx 19.03, you need to check the following configurations.

1. Portal service
2. web.xml
3. web.config
4. Restart the services
5. Activate Windows authentication in IIS
This article describes how to regenerate Intrexx search configurations and how Solr cores/collections can be reconfigured.
If you are having problems with your search, this article can help fix these problems by completely regenerating all search cores and indexes.

Points 1-4 describe how the search configuration can be regenerated to fix any potential problems in the configuration.
Points 5-9 th...
Do I need a test system?

Yes – this is the only way to comprehensively test changes made to applications, processes, etc. and only updates or even Intrexx version upgrades without endangering the operation of the live environment.
 Online Update
Guide to creating a custom Batch file for publishing all portal applications and processes.
 Online Update
1. Download Online Updates
2. Install Online Updates
3. What is the difference between the client and the server manager?
4. Does the Online Update status of the manager and server matter?
5. Can you install Online Updates without hesitating?
 Online Update
This article shows you how you can republish all applications and processes via CMD “Command Prompt”.
What an Intrexx data backup should look like.
online help
online help Intrexx 18.03
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API-documentation for Intrexx