Article No.2738Online UpdateOnline Updates | Publish all applications and processes via CMD
Description :
This article shows you how you can republish all applications and processes via CMD “Command Prompt”.
Solution :
Publish all applications and processes:

Open the Command Prompt by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”. Enter the following paths (s. 1.png and 2.png for more information):

To publish all applications:
Windows: <Intrexx home>\bin\windows\publishallapplications.bat <absolute/path/to/portal>

To publish all processes:
Windows: <Intrexx home>\bin\windows\publishallprocesses.bat <absolute/path/to/portal>

"%ProgramFiles%\intrexx-7\bin\windows\publishallapplications.bat" "%ProgramData%\intrexx-7\sandbox"

Afterwards: Restart Intrexx services (Windows services / Linux services)
Once all applications, processes and layouts have been published, you should restart all Intrexx services. Normally, only the portal services are affected, however, we recommend restarting all Intrexx services at once. Depending on the adjustments made by the Online Update, web elements may also be affected, therefore, we recommended emptying your browser cache.
OperationsystemWindows Server
CategoryOnline Update
Found in version:
  • 8.0
  • 7.0
  • 6.0