Article No.1864OthersCreating a data backup of Intrexx
Description :
What an Intrexx data backup should look like.
Solution :
In principle, we recommend a full backup of the Intrexx and database server by using appropriate data backup software that fully backs up the system and can restore the system as needed.

So that Intrexx can be backed up correctly, all Intrexx services need to be stopped. Afterwards, the Intrexx installation directory, Intrexx portal directory, as well as external file storage locations and the database, can be backed up.

It is important that the backup of the database and Intrexx are always up to date and the same. You cannot make any changes to the applications or databases during the backup process.

A portal export is not a data backup because if the worst comes to the worst, it may be incomplete. However, we recommend scheduling portal exports in addition to data backups as restoring a portal via a portal export typically requires less work.
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