Article No.2407SetupNetwork and Internet Connections | Firewall Configuration and Information
Description :
This article is intended to help you configure any existing firewalls for the use of Intrexx. Here you have to distinguish between simple connections in the network and outgoing connections to the Internet.

In theory, no internet is required for the Intrexx basic functionality (Attention: Online Updates!). Accordingly, you only need to pay attention to local firewalls in the standard system. Even a simple Windows firewall must usually be adapted or deactivated as soon as the Intrexx Manager and the Intrexx Server are not running on the same client (PC / server). All ports that are used by Intrexx or an additional component must be enabled or configured.

1. supervisor ports
2. portal ports
3. web service
4. internet connection / addresses
Solution :
1. supervisor ports

Intrexx uses the so-called "supervisor port" (SOAP connector port of the supervisor) for communication between the Intrexx manager (on the client PC) and the Intrexx server (on the server). This is not a fixed port but may vary depending on the installation. This can be found in the <Installation>/cfg/supervisor.cfg (see Figure 1). If you are running several installations on one server, you must configure the firewall accordingly for each installation, since each Intrexx installation has its own supervisor and therefore also its own supervisor port.

As soon as this port is released, you can establish a general connection between Intrexx Manager (on the client PC) and the Intrexx server "Supervisor".

2. portal ports

In the second step, the portal ports SOAP-Connector (of the portal, not to be confused with the SOAP of the supervisor) and WEB-Connector which are also defined depending on the portal in the corresponding <portal>/internal/cfg/portal.cfg (see Figure 2) must now be released. Only these ports allow you to establish the connection between Intrexx Manager and the respective portal (SOAP connector) as well as the connection between browser and the respective portal (WEB connector). As a rule, you only need to release the SOAP connector port of the portal / portals in the firewall. Since the WEB Connector is usually only used for communication between the Web server (IIS) and the portal server (Intrexx). The end user normally establishes the connection via port 80, which should of course be enabled.

3. web service

If a Web service is used in a portal, it must also be released. This port can also be found in <portal>/internal/cfg/portal.cfg, see Figure 3.

4. internet connection / addresses

Only the following addresses are called from the Internet, but Intrexx does not require Internet access for its functionality. Online updates can also be installed manually via ZIP. Likewise, only the shop information in the manager is lost, and this is not absolutely necessary.

Connections to the Internet:
1) In the Portal Manager the query of the Application Store
2) Server-side request for new online updates
3) When using the NFR license, transfer of system metrics (applies only to Intrexx partners)

- Intrexx Online Updates

- Intrexx Store in the Manager

- further, own adjustments
- Web services: <custom>
- OData: <custom>
- Mail service: <custom>
- Further integrations via Internet: <custom>

Online update ZIP can be found on under the tab Software updates.
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