Article No.2074Setup[SECURITY] ImageMagick CVE-2016-3714
Description :
ImageMagick setups may be affected by some security vulnerabilities. We recommend to update your ImageMagick especially if your portal is available for public audience via WWW.

For more information, pleas check out these websites:
Solution :
You can download ImageMagick for Intrexx 5.2, 6 & 7 here:

Windows (64bit):

Windows (32bit):

Mac OS X:

If you have installed ImageMagick via package-manager on your Linux system, you have to update it via the repository.
All Mac-Users who do not use the version which comes with Intrexx, need to update their Homebrew or MacPort version manually!

Please note, that additional actions need to be done:

A simple update does not fix the security issues completely!
Found in version:
  • 7.0
  • 6.0
  • 5.2