Article No.1866WebFiles won't open automatically after donwloading
Description :
With Online Update 04 for Intrexx 6.0 we have released a patch to support the Content Security Policy[1] for better malware protection. Almost every modern web-browser will support this feature by default. The Content Security Policy reduces the risk of Cross-Site-Scripting-Attacs caused by infected files, which may have been uploaded to your system.
United Planet tries to deploy security patches like this as fast as possible, but in some rare cases your browser may not behave as before and won't open the files automatically.

Solution :
If your web-browser doesn't support the content security policy you have to deactivate it as described:

- Backup your configuration file "portal.cfg" (%PROGRAMDATA%\intrexx\<PORTAL_NAME>\internal\cfg\)

- Open the original portal.cfg with an UTF-8 capable editor (e.g. Notepad++)

- Add the following line to this file (see attachment portal-cfg.PNG):
<systemProperty name="" value="false"/>

- Restart your portal-service


If you don't want to disable this security feature you can perform one of the following steps:

1) Users should use the right-mouse-button and choos the option "save target as" to download the files manually.

2) Change the disposition type of the file control to "attachment", to force the web-browser to download the file.
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